Scale 1:5


Available from November 1.

This short series follows a project that occupies a former Spanish social club - a space where long ago neighbours had celebrated marriages, first communions and parties - abandoned for many years. Now its doors open again and these neighbours must recognise the spaces from their memories while at the same time realising that the building has been adapted to become a theatre and dramaturgy school.

"The ruinous state in which we found the building was of interest, not because we wanted to restore it, but rather to take the ruin forward and make it participate... The challenge of the project is therefore to adapt the building to its new use without banishing its ghosts." said architects Ricardo Flores and Eva Prats.

Body Fabric Surface


Available from November 15.

Architect Giovanni Vaccarini guides us through the design of Powerbarn. The Powerbarn uses mimetic strategy that takes its cues from a military camouflage technique. The building offers mutable and faceted displays of itself that vary depending on the weather, time of day and season. Architect Giovanni Vaccarini guides the narration in the short film, by recounting the significant steps in the design of Powerbarn, starting from the conceptual phase up to the definition of its relationship with the natural environment all around.

A Will for the Woods


Available from November 8.

What if our last act could be a gift to the planet? Determined that his final resting place will benefit the earth, musician, psychiatrist, and folk dancer Clark Wang prepares for his own green burial while battling lymphoma.

With poignancy and unexpected humor, A Will for the Woods portrays the last days of a multifaceted advocate – and one community's role in the genesis of a revolutionary movement. As the film follows Clark's dream of leaving a legacy in harmony with timeless cycles, environmentalism takes on a profound intimacy.

The Barn Raisers


Available from November 22.

This film tells the story of barns in the Midwest of USA through the lens of architecture. What do barn settings, styles, methods and materials tell us about the people who built them, the life they lived, and the role these vanishing country cathedrals played in the settling and building of a growing nation?

Barns were constructed by farmer-craftsmen, professional builders who traveled from job to job and even architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. "The Barn Raisers" paints a cinematic portrait of barns and builders, and reminds us that these remnants from America's rural past are still here to be appreciated and experienced.

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